Style Tips

For clients in the entertainment industry, here are the current headshot recommendations for hair, skin, makeup, and clothing:


Wear your hair anyway you'd like, but tame stray hairs as much as possible--this is actually the most important part of pre-shoot preparation.  In addition to taming stray hairs, please avoid driving to your appointment with your car windows down, and be sure to bring hair product so that we may control fly-aways should the need arise. Clients with long hair should bring a couple extra hair bands so we can try different styles.

Skin, Makeup

Be sure to wash your face prior to the shoot. 

As for makeup, you have several options:

1)  Apply the makeup yourself, but lightly, and in such a way as to look natural; for example, lipstick should simply make your lips redder and healthier rather than cast them in an unnatural hue (unless, of course, you're trying to portray a certain character you might audition for);

2)  Hire your own professional makeup artist to apply your makeup (preferably a professional whose work you've seen in photographs);

3)  Allow me to provide a cosmetologist to manage hair and makeup (if you choose this option, please book your appointment at least a week in advance, and plan to arrive an hour early to your appointment);

4)  Wear no makeup whatsoever.

(Note: All of the clients on my website applied their makeup themselves, without the help of a professional--I pride myself on getting great shots without the extra cost of a cosmetologist.)

*Eyes: Do not use eye shadow or put colors above the eye.

Men: Unless you wear makeup in your daily life, please refrain from using makeup for the shoot (many men try to hide blemishes with concealer—this is unnecessary since Photoshop easily removes blemishes). 


Dress casually overall--it's important to be comfortable for the shoot.  Because we'll be taking primarily headshots, here are some things to keep in mind regarding your top, accessories:

1)  No jewelry.

2)  Solid color tops are best, but no green or white, and nothing with logos.  Make sure your shirt is not made from a reflective/shiny material.  Also, clothing that matches your skin color is not the best option because it doesn't provide an ideal contrast.  Purples, blues, pinks, etc. are nice colors—but ultimately, you have to make this decision for yourself.  I recommend wearing something that conforms to these guidelines and bringing at least three additional tops so we have the option to change course.

Women: Whatever shirt you decide to wear, be sure it covers your bra straps completely; alternatively, wear a strapless bra so the straps don't show through/around the top.