Bob Bartholomew

I began as a photographer seven years ago.  I started with street photography and urban portraits (taking photos of people caught in the ebb and flow of their daily lives) and then progressed to studio headshots and natural light portraits.  In all of the photography I do, my aesthetic can be defined as clean, natural, graceful, and elegant.  The goal of any photo session is to arrive at a few extraordinary photos; I make every shoot about creating that one iconic image that a client couldn't have gotten anywhere else, with anyone else.

My studio is based in Las Vegas and my clients range from models and actors to business professionals and corporations.   Also, many people come to me for portraits for their social media accounts as well as for LinkedIn, dating websites, and to include in job applications.  

I occasionally travel to other cities to help models/actors with their portfolios; recent cities include Los Angeles, Chicago, NYC, Miami, and Toronto.